One of the more exciting aspects of a painting or remodeling project is making materials and paint selections to create your vision. When choosing paint, there are a few considerations you want to think about to get the best color, finish, and elasticity. The first thing you should consider is the surfaces you will be painting; different paints will perform better based on the different materials being painted. The paint types you choose for your kitchen and bathroom are different from your living room. The kitchen and bathroom are high-moisture areas that are prone to high humidity and splashing. Therefore, you need to consider oil-based paints rather than water-based paints for these areas. The paint for the bathroom and kitchen also needs to be easy to clean and dry as they will be exposed to more liquids. Similarly, cabinets and railings will need a different paint than walls as they experience more wear and tear.

The next part of the process is color selection, choosing the right color for your space is important. Light and bright colors may help a space feel larger and can give you the ability to use multiple colors in the same area without color clashing becoming a major issue. Darker colors can help to create accents or statements in a space, but you will have to be cautious of making the spaces feel smaller if you utilize dark colors for an entire room. Different paint formulas play a large role in the overall look, from water-based paints that are generally the easiest to work with to enamel paint that can withstand heavy traffic. Consulting a professional before making these selections will improve the look and quality of the finished product. With over 25 years of experience, MAJIC Works can assist you in picking the right paint and providing superior application and finish.