Thinking about planning your home renovation? Here are a few things to keep in mind to streamline the process and make your project as stress-free as possible. One of the first and most important steps is selecting a reputable contractor who is properly licensed, bonded, and insured. Once you settle on a company, your next steps will be material and paint selections. Making sure you know what you want or have a vision will help to speed up the ordering of materials. With the current state of material availability, ordering materials can often take a few weeks or months so making selections early on will aid in shortening the overall renovation process.

Make considerations about essential areas of your home and being able to live without the areas that are having work done. For example, if you are having a kitchen renovation done, it is important to consider alternative spaces for cooking and cleaning dishes while work is being completed. Similarly, a bathroom renovation in a single-bathroom home may cause issues. To avoid this, scheduling a port-o-potty or alternate bathroom situation will be needed.

Changes in plans or materials will hinder the process, slowing down the project, and potentially incurring additional or unnecessary costs. When at all possible, making selections for materials and colors in person will help to avoid disappointment with a product not appearing as you envisioned.

Make sure to weigh the cost of convenience versus the quality of work. No contractor should ever make you feel bad for asking for testimonials, portfolios, or references. Knowing what level of work quality you can expect is important, just as important as choosing a contractor who will work with you and your budget. MAJIC Works will happily provide you with different price points to help you create the home of your dreams while staying on budget. Let us work our MAJIC at your home!