Bored with your bathroom?

Longing to remove that orange 80’s vinyl from your kitchen?

Let us work our MAJIC!

We can assist throughout your entire project with our home remodeling services. This can include picking colors, matching existing décor & furnishings, or working with designers to achieve your expected results. Your home or business is an investment, and we want to help you protect and improve that investment. As the finest remodel contractors in Oregon and SW Washington, we offer a variety of services that can not only add to curb appeal but can truly raise the property value. Whether you are looking to add value to your home or you have purchased a fixer-upper, we are here to help and offer custom solutions.


  • Aesthetics consulting
  •  Drywall repair & replacement
  •  Cabinetry & islands
  •  Textures
  •  Trim & baseboard repairs
  •  Flooring
  • … MAJIC Painting!


  •  Aesthetics consulting
  •  Stains & varnish
  •  Wood care: solid or semi-transparent stains and sealers for decks, fencing, log or cedar siding
  •  Carpentry repairs
  •  Concrete staining
  • … MAJIC Painting!